James S. Terrell

Before he established his legal practice in 1994, Attorney James S. Terrell knew that he wanted to make a difference. He believes in treating his clients with the respect the system denies them. He spends his days fighting to protect his clients’ civil rights, working every case with the same passion.

Attorney James S. Terrell earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and soon after went on to earn his law degree from the National University School of Law in San Diego. While there, he studied Constitutional and criminal law and focused on the complex interaction between the rights of the State and the rights of individuals.  After acquiring his law license in 1994, Victorville Criminal Defense Attorney James S. Terrell started his own firm. He is an established member of the legal community, where he is known and respected by the local legal community.

When the State is moving its forces against you, you need someone on your side who wants to protect your rights. At the Law Offices of James S. Terrell, we understand how helpless our clients can feel against so much power. If you or a loved one needs legal help in or around Victorville, California, call for help today.